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Artwork and PDF files

If you need any help with artwork, creating or exporting your artwork to PDF files for printing. Here is some hints and basics, contact us for more assistance if you need.
If you have press ready artwork, you can upload here:

Are you looking for help with your artwork?


Our graphic designers can assist you with any level of artwork, from creating a design based on your brief to ensuring that your PDF file is ready for print.

Contact our customer service for any advice on how to achieve the best outcome for your project.

Setup your artwork


  • Design Elements kept within 3mm margin

  • Bleed 3mm on each edge

  • All colours converted to CMYK (no RGB, LAB etc)

  • Imaged Based Artwork at least 300dpi

  • Text Based Artwork 600dpi (or Vector Based)

What is BLEED?

Bleed is required when a design has colour/ink that goes right to the very edge of the sheet. Bleed is an extra area around your artwork which helps to make sure there are no inconsistent edges as trimming isn’t always exact. The industry standard is to add 3mm to each edge. 

example of high resolution jpeg file

High Resolution JPEG

example of low resolution jpeg file

Low Resolution JPEG

How to create your PDF


InDesign and Illustrator


Adobe PDF Presets  >  Press Quality  >  Cropmarks  >  Bleed  >  Export

Remember to add 3mm bleed in document setup.

MS Word


Acrobat  >  Preferences  >  Select: Press Quality  >  OK  >  Create PDF

You can't add bleed and cropmarks to a Word Document, we have to fix that for you later.



Share  >  Download  >  Select: PDF Print  >  Crops marks and Bleed  >  Flatten PDF  >  CMYK  >  Download

If you can't see the bleed on your artwork, go to: File > View Settings > and tick Show Print Bleed.

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